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Micro Magnetic Stirring Bars

Cylinderical, conical, round, smooth surface increases towards centre to reduce the contact surface and acts as a pivot ring .

CATELO GUE No. 2x6mm 1 Pc/pacs
TF8402 3x3mm 1 Pc/pack
TF8403 3x6mm 1 Pc/pack
TF8404 3x8mm 1 Pc/pack
TF8405 3x10mm 1 Pc/pack
TF8406 3x13mm 1 Pc/pack
TF8407 3x25mm 1 Pc/pack
TF8408 4.5x12mm 1 Pc/pack
TF8409 4.5x16mm 1 Pc/pack